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SilicoScrub™ - Silicone Toilet Brush

SilicoScrub™ - Silicone Toilet Brush

Revolutionize toilet cleaning with durable silicone bristles for unmatched cleanliness.

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Superior Toilet Cleaning

Cleaning your toilet is a chore no one enjoys. Conventional toilet brushes can be messy and ineffective. SilicoScrub™ is here to change that. Made with strong silicone bristles, it provides unparalleled cleaning power, ensuring a perfectly sanitized toilet. With its durable design, SilicoScrub™ lasts longer than traditional brushes, keeping your bathroom fresh and hygienic.

3x More Effective

Experience the Cleaning Revolution with SilicoScrub™! Its powerful silicone bristles deliver 3x superior cleaning for a perfectly sanitized toilet. With exceptional durability and no hair or dirt residue, it outlasts traditional brushes.

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Does it clean square edges?

Yep! Thanks to its flexible nature, the brush can reach any spot in your toilet to ensure it's 100% clean.

Is a silicone brush really more hygienic?

Definitely! 100% silicone is resistant to bacteria and easier to clean and sterilize, making it perfect for your toilet.

Can I use bleach on the brush?

Yes! SilicoScrub can handle bleach, soap, or any other cleaner you use.

Does the brush sit on water in the holder?

No! The clever draining and ventilating design allows the silicone toilet brush to dry and drain quickly, preventing it from going moldy or smelly.

How do I install it?

There are two ways to install it: on the floor or on the wall. To place it on the floor, simply attach the brush handle and place the holder on the floor. For wall placement, use the transparent sticker provided to attach the holder without the need for drilling.

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